2023 Volkswagen For Sale in Dallas, TX

Mike now has two sons, Pat and Jim, who have been working at the dealership for the past ten years and a third, Edward Jr., is also part of the car family lineage. Ensure you get the most out of your new or used Volkswagen with scheduled maintenance Volkswagen for sale at our Bobby Beck's McKinney Volkswagen Service Center. We do everything from routine oil changes, brake inspections, and engine tune-ups. Call or visit our service center near Dallas, TX to schedule your next appointment today.
Because the city itself was so concentrated in one area, so were the businesses. Not until the mid-fifties did dealers begin moving out from the downtown area towards the suburbs that could support them. They changed locations once in 1949, moving just down Main Street, before venturing out north in 1968. Now located at LBJ Freeway at the Tollway, Mike remembers North Dallas being nothing but farmland with horses and rabbits instead of traffic and buildings. At that time, I-635 did not extend beyond Preston Road and the Tollway ended at Lovers Lane.

Our experienced sales staff is eager to share its knowledge and enthusiasm with you. We encourage you to browse our online inventory, schedule a test drive and investigate financing options. You can also request more information about a vehicle using our online form or by calling us.
If you prefer to purchase your Volkswagen Jetta from a dealership near Dallas, TX, our TrueCar Certified Dealers have 513 used Volkswagen Jetta listings available to shop from locally. Retiring from the army in 1953 as a colonel, Ken Pruitt was ready for another challenge and so began the Ken Pruitt Buick Opel dealership in Garland. Thirty-three years later, Garland has grown by leaps and bounds and Ken Pruitt’s dealership is still going strong, having moved only once in their three decades of business in the community. Ken remains very active in the company’s operations along with his wife Sherry who handles day-to-day business.

John has since retired but the company is in good hands with his son, Jack, as president since 1984. Rodger Meier always knew he wanted to sell and service Cadillacs ever since his best friend’s father worked for a Cadillac dealer in their hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. He opened his Cadillac dealership in 1969 against formidable opposition from those who doubted Dallas could support yet another one. But his LBJ Freeway and Welch Road location has become legendary-the body shop is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for auto repair.
We welcome you to visit our new car showroom and used car lot. During your stroll around our inventory, be sure to grab a complimentary beverage and speak with our sales team for assistance with your new Toyota or pre-owned vehicle search. The end of World War II catapulted John Boswell into the car business in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. He bought his first dealership in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955. But Texas was to attract him yet and seventeen years later, he bought out Vandergriff Chevrolet in Car-rollton. Renamed John Boswell Chevrolet, it is now fourteen years old and still in Car-rollton on I-35.

He has been general sales manager for the last six years. A younger brother, Mike, is general manager of the new Frank Parra Mitsubishi. Tim and his wife, B.J., have two young sons, Chris and Michael who may be on the floor selling with their Dad before too long. Before being Friendly, this dealership was “Parish” and was located on Mockingbird across from the Dr Pepper plant. It changed hands several times but was finally bought by Mr. Eddins, the present owner, in the early 70s. Another car dealer who moved to Texas from Memphis, Tennessee, Eddins’ first bought Chuck Horton Dodge downtown on Ross after working there several years.
In 1972, he established Billy Barrett Volkswagen, acquiring Subaru in 1981 and Mazda in 1982. He has since sold Subaru to Bob Gunthrie at Heritage Olds/Subaru and now carries solely Volkswagens and Mazdas. Todd is also current chairman of the New Car Dealer Association. Following, a historical account of some of the oldest automobile dealerships in Dallas. Stop in one of our amazing showrooms today and ask us about our Clay Cooley Family Guarantee Program at Clay Cooley Volkswagen. Financing options are available at both Clay Cooley Volkswagen of Richardson and Park Cities to make driving a new vehicle a reality.
Having previously been affiliated with Ford’s finance company, Jarmon has spent his lite in the automobile industry. In 1960, downtown Dallas began changing and car dealers began seeking other locations. Some cite the exodus as a result of downtown banks closing on Saturday.

The next year, Don went to work at Steakley Chevrolet as general manager. Ten years later, Snell bought Roberts Buick Opel and the existing dealership was born-Don Snell Buick. The CSI shows Bob Hayes Chevrolet to be in the top ratings for the city. Their history begins with Earl Hayes as a GM executive who moved to Dallas in 1945 to buy Roy Hill Chevrolet on 9th and Lancaster.
Rest assured the team at eurauto is everything but that. They take the time to do right and value their customers. They will turn any negatives and make sure you leave with a positive experience no matter the issue. Thanks again for all that your team has done for me and my family.
From drive-in restaurants, liquor stores, movies, and cleaners to drive-through funeral parlours and banks, the car influenced them all. Agile and fun to drive but repair prone and parts which should be built for a lifetime fail early and are very expensive to replace. Under 88,000 miles; faulty turbo assembly; failed and leaking water pump; broken right rear suspension spring; engine valve cover leaking oil. Pre-qualify to see your real rate and monthly payment.

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