Where to find antiques in Barcelona

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One of the most famous markets in the country, Mercado San Miguel is different from a usual food market – it’s not the place to buy your groceries. Instead, it calls itself a “gastronomic” market, offering a range of gourmet tapas and drinks from across over 20 vendors. El Corte Ingles is the biggest department store group in Europe and the only department store chain remaining in Spain.

Smaller neighbourhood shops typically open from 10am to 2pm, close for lunch for a few hours, and re-open after 4pm for four more hours Monday through Friday, and are open reduced hours Saturdays. Personal and business cheques, American Express and Discover credit cards are not widely accepted. As home is where people can be themselves and act freely, Barcelonians would visually connect this true and honest identity with their homes, with the hydraulic tiles being a big part of them. We created three bag designs that evoke classic antique floors. Cards, comics, miniature cars, glass jars, antique toys and dozens of other things, trinkets, second-hand clothing, ceramics, movie posters, hats, bicycles, exotic masks, religious figures, and much more.
And make sure you check out my first post from this category dedicated to the shops on and aroundLa Diagonal, which is actually not far from the area we will take a closer look at today. In today’s post I want to tell you about my favorite furniture and home decor shops in Gracia. Gracia is self-sufficient, the variety of eating options, beauty, clothes and other small shops can make you dizzy. I spent a few afternoons there seeking out interesting shops, and here comes my list . Going back and up the hill you will find on your right a few outdoor shops with very old second-hand furniture, I’ve never asked, but judging by the looks of it things must cost a penny.

Barcelona is taking over that coveted space in shopaholics’ hearts. With a heady mixture of unique boutiques, second-hand shops, flea markets, luxury shopping, malls and outlets, Barcelona has something for every kind of shopper. When UNIQLO open new stores in new countries they usually create shopping bags designed with the local culture in mind. For the opening of the new Barcelona store, we were asked to create three shopping bag designs and a mural for the stores interior. In this street market, we find dozens of stalls dedicated to antiques and collecting, and many others focused on decoration and artisanal products . These street markets were not just markets where people stocked up on food, drink, clothing, household items or any knick-knack that seemed interesting.
The retail areas in the different neighbourhoods are the perfect places to soak up the city's culture. Don't miss the public auction of job lots every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 7 to 9am. Another charming small shop, which absolutely transmits the personality of its owner. Belén came to Barcelona from Galicia to study interior design and ended up running a small place blending vintage with nordic. I’m not a big fan of Scandi style, because it often comes off as too sterile if not soulless, but AIXŌ makes it look warm and fun with their carefully curated mix of Scandinavian brands like Hay orNormann Copenhagen,local designers and vintage items.
Corbeto’s Boots was one of the 10 stores quoted by Metropoli magazine. And we feel proud for keeping alive the same spirit since our foundation. Our Little shop at Las Ramblas is still being a bastion in a jungle of souvenir stores, franchises and big brands. While “the body endures” we will continue supporting the family owned and historic businesses, proximity stores that pull for the direct treat based on the personalized care of all our customers rewarding us with their loyalty. Just few weeks ago another historic store closed at Las Ramblas. The shirt store Xancó, an irreplaceable shop founded in 1820 whose model is not in line with the current times.

This is a pedestrianised street that runs from the Plaça de Catalunya, almost as far as the cathedral. All the biggest fashion chains have a branch on Avinguda del Portal de l’Àngel. At the beginning of the street, you’ll always find a market selling artisanal products like jewellery, leather, glass and silver. Likewise, it will not guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, veracity, validity or legality of sites outside its property that can be accessed through links.
If you can’t break away from the old town, Carrer dels Banys Nous in Barri Gotic is lined with antique shops and is a good area to start. The side streets in the immediate area, including Carrer de la Palla, also hide a bevy of antique shops. While you’re wandering along Carrer de la Palla, glance up at No 21 – it was once the Hospital de Sant Saver – founded back in 1462. Large Els Encants Vells vaciado de pisos (‘the old charms’; open 8am-7pm, and to 8pm during summer), also known as the Fira de Bellcaire, is held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday next to Placa de les Glories Catalanes. The markets moved here in August 1928 from Avinguda Mistral, near Placa d’Espanya, because the sight of such a jumble sale did not fit in with the town fathers’ visions for the 1929 World Exhibition.

It's the largest mall of it's kind in the Old City, it even has 3D movies and new releases . This is a great place to shop, it's open all week and a great place to go if you're not sure how to spend an afternoon. There's also several restaurants and a grassy area where you can picnic when you're finished exercising your credit card. Behind the imposing name (it’s Spanish for the Great Flood) lies an artistic space dedicated to illustration, prints, serigraphy and other graphic arts born out of the collaboration between graphic designer Xavier Labrador and illustration artist Elisa Munsó. This flower shop looks intense and alluring with its exotic take on preserved flower decor, which makes it stand out from other flower shops. As suggested by the name (‘hacha’ means axe in Spanish), most things in this shop are locally made in Tarragona.

This is Seville’s oldest market – some say dating back to the 13th century – and is a great place to look for bargains and souvenirs. With more than 100 stalls crammed into a long narrow street, you might find vintage posters, old gramophones, antique furniture or second-hand books. This market really is a feast for the senses with bright colours, sounds and characters.

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