These Are The Best Destinations for Shopping in Spain

As a whole, some 50 shops give rise to an intrinsic network of corridors and alleyways around the furnaces of the old factory offering an extensive display of furniture and objects of different ancient and classic trends. A unique offer in Barcelona with a wide diversity of prices and styles that are worth visiting. A total of 200 dealers who open their doors every day to sell furniture and antique objects, vintage, of all eras and styles. The Povos’ veins carry a special ability to express their Mediterranean character through art and design. Doing so intuitively and with emotion, the Povo have worked towards the cration of art and objects to embellish everyday life.
You will find here beautiful old ceramics, dolls, silver and other precious trinkets. Several small shops specialising in indie and other niche music can be found on or around Carrer de Sitges and especially on Carrer dels Tallers , which boasts a dozen music stores. Bd Ediciones de Diseno is worth a look, even if you have left your credit cards at home. Here you will find a collection of pieces for the home by some of Barcelona’s leading designers. Opened in 1972, this prize-winning store is located in a Modernista house built by Domenech i Montaner.

Smaller neighbourhood shops typically open from 10am to 2pm, close for lunch for a few hours, and re-open after 4pm for four more hours Monday through Friday, and are open reduced hours Saturdays. Personal and business cheques, American Express and Discover credit cards are not widely accepted. As home is where people can be themselves and act freely, Barcelonians would visually connect this true and honest identity with their homes, with the hydraulic tiles being a big part of them. We created three bag designs that evoke classic antique floors. Cards, comics, miniature cars, glass jars, antique toys and dozens of other things, trinkets, second-hand clothing, ceramics, movie posters, hats, bicycles, exotic masks, religious figures, and much more.
And following the same truck you find yourself on a pretty square with food trucks and a bunch of tables where you can catch a break, grab a snack and enjoy the sun. This is the most famous market in Madrid – and arguably the most famous in all of Spain. Just off the bustling Plaza Major and built in 1916, the iron and glass structure is a sight to behold. Don’t expect to find too many locals doing their weekly shop here, this is all set up for those looking to spend an evening grazing on beautifully prepared tapas. Think thinly sliced cured Iberian ham, squishy Manchego croquettas or garlicy tomatoes slathered on crispy bread all washed down with Tinto de Verano – wine mixed with fresh lemonade. Dating back to 1928, Valencia’s main market is situated in one of the city’s most beautiful buildings.

At less than 180 km we have Barcelona, a major global shopping capital, which offers around 35,000 establishments. The most famous area is called the “Barcelona Shopping Line”, 5 km of shops stretching from Las Ramblas up to Avenida de la Diagonal, passing though Plaza de Cataluña and the Paseo de Gràcia. And for those who cannot or just don’t want to walk too far, Barcelona offers the best and most complete shopping centres where everything is within reach under one roof so that you can enjoy your shopping experience. Fortunately, some artisans and shops supporting independent labels and designers survived and new ones are flourishing as well. In recent years, more local and international entrepreneurs are opening workshops and concept stores selling locally made products. Many of the shops listed below also have a moral compass; a commitment to tradition, promoting local brands, giving young creatives new opportunities and supporting sustainability, eco-design and ethical manufacturing.
A furniture store located in the bohemian and artisan district, Gracia. If you want to decorate your pad with more than just Ikea items or simply want to add a quirky personal touch with vintage finds, you will love this store. Set on a quiet street, you will find distressed wooden furniture, antique tea sets, armchairs and tables amongst other finds. It is amazing just how owner Claudia, who brings some of the pieces that she picks up from markets, brings them back to life. Located at the bottom of La Rambla next to the Christopher Columbus monument, the Port Antic Markets are held every Saturday and sell old photographs, oil paintings, frames, records, cameras, vintage toys, and other antique gems.
We mean the artisan-produced items that our clients seek out – usually to bring back to somebody else. Many of our clients love the swords made in Toledo by Mariano Zamorano. For obvious reasons, he ships anything you purchase from his workshop and even offers a tour of the production of these swords and daggers . Whilst we aren’t huge outlet shoppers ourselves, we recognise that they are very convenient for keen shoppers especially on Sundays when most other places are shut.

Vincon has the slickest designs in furniture and household goods, local and imported. Not surprising really, since the building belonged to the Modernista artist Ramon Casas. If you’re after international fashion, Avinguda Diagonal is the place to look. Shops along here include Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace and Gucci. Jean Pierre Bua hosts designers ranging from Jean Paul Gaultier through to Helmut Lang. With branches elsewhere in Spain, the ‘Home of the Book’ is a well-stocked general bookshop.
The second-hand bookshop, of the same name, boasts over 100,000 volumes and is the biggest in Spain. La Puntual is an art centre for young talents who show their vaciado de pisos works and hold creative workshops. Mercantic is a small market village of antiques dealers, artisans and artists where different things happen every day.

Locals say that it is almost as old as the city itself, and the first references speak of a market of scrap dealers, booksellers, ragpickers, and sellers of old furniture and antiques, which was established in the surroundings of the current Central Market. Handicrafts, accessories, clothing, collectibles, records, second-hand books and magazines, antiques, kitchen items, tools, and many other things. Competing in antiquity with the one in Seville, Els Encants market has been installed in different points of Barcelona for over seven centuries. Moreover, many of the vendors come from other parts of Spain and bring with them products originating from exotic countries such as India, Vietnam, Morocco, or the Philippines. Those things that, without knowing it, we had always been looking for. Visit to flea markets in Spain guarantees a fascinating experience.

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