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Take a sightseeing train and enjoy Japanese scenery and meals. This JR Shikoku sightseeing train runs from the seaside town through Monzen-cho, crosses the mountain, and runs along the Yoshino River. He Saga Torokko train is synonymous with Kyoto sightseeing trains. He sightseeing train "Hiei" is a vehicle with a novel design in the image of "Hieizan" and "Kuramayama", the two terminal points of the Eizan train in Kyoto.

The walls of the observation car are covered with glass, and it is an open and relaxing space with a view of the sky. There is a bar called A-TRAIN BAR inside the car, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Ariake Sea with a drink while sitting on a sofa or bench. Et's go by train A" is a sightseeing train that connects Kumamoto Station and Amakusa Tourism's gateway, Triangular Station. Imited Express Yufuin no Mori(Forest)" is a sightseeing train that connects Hakata Station in Fukuoka with Yufuin Station and Beppu Station in Oita. The ones that put datasets in a similar category together.
From suites to singles, all rooms are private rooms with toilet / shower, sleeper car, dining car, lounge car, and observation car. There is an observation room where you can enjoy a great panoramic view from the large windows. The colors of the vehicle are mainly black and gold, making it a very exotic vehicle. The vehicle color is stylish green and very beautiful.

The figure was gleaned from in-house investigations at financial institutions ... A project team of Tokyo Bar Association lawyers trying ... Tax authorities have found that Marubeni Corp. intentionally concealed about 600 million yen in income over three years through March 31, 2003, sources close to the case said Saturday. The major trading house failed to declare a total of about 2 billion yen in income, ... Toy maker Takara Co. has purchased an 88 percent stake in Tatsunoko Productions, a pioneering animation studios known for such classic works as "Speed Racer" and "Gatchaman," industry sources said Saturday. Takara, set to merge next year with Tomy Co., another toy maker, is believed ...
The incident took place in a patrol car while the officers were taking the man to a police station for questioning ... Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. There are many beautifully designed vehicles running in Japan. In addition to the view spread out over the large car window, you can enjoy a high-quality relaxation with various facilities and services. A large amount of natural trees such as birch and maple are used on the ceiling and walls of the car to create a comfortable interior space. The deep indigo metallic color, which is also a characteristic of the car body, gives an image of the beautiful sea of Tango.
The vehicle's white and black coloring is based on the theme of Ryugu legend and is very unique. Inside the car, which has an impressive jet black body, it is surrounded by a chic interior made of wood. The Nagasaki course that runs between Sasebo station and Nagasaki station, where you can enjoy Huis Ten Bosch, and the Oita course that runs between Oita station and Hita station are set for each period. A police officer shot a man to death Saturday in Omama, Gunma Prefecture, after he went after another officer with a knife, police said.

You can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Ibusuki city, which is famous for its sand bath. Buffet vehicles sell light meals, drinks, and original goods. Don't miss the stained glass, which is reminiscent of Amakusa church culture. There is a bar counter and a sofa where you can relax while listening to live piano music. According to the closely watched quarterly survey, the business confidence index for large ... Customer data loss cases at major Japanese banking groups, regional banks and credit unions mounted to more than 1.8 million as of Friday, according to a tally compiled by Kyodo News based on their announcements.
Japan, which is a railroad powerhouse, has many beautifully designed tourist trains. The Shinkansen, a high-speed railway in Japan, not only runs fast, but is also safe and very accurat ... The high-quality seats made of genuine leather are equipped with electric reclining, and the space between seats is 125 cm, which is spacious. You can enjoy a train journey with a sense of adventure while gazing at the beauty of the valley of Hozukyo. With the meaning of "mysterious atmosphere" and "dynamism that transcends space and time", it gives the mystery of a vehicle that goes from everyday to extraordinary. The dining car offers dishes using a variety of ingredients along the line, supervised by top-notch food masters.

He Shimakaze, which runs on the Kinki Nippon Railway, is a limited express sightseeing train that runs from major cities in the Kansai region, such as Osaka Namba and Kyoto, and Nagoya to Ise Shima. There are also Japanese-style and Western-style private rooms and salon seats, and you can enjoy a food and drink menu 鍵屋 長崎市 that collects masterpieces along the line in cafe cars. There is an observation space where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the southern country. ■ You can select the search target from "Statistics list", "List of datasets" or "Datasets". If you want to search for a data set, select the data set and search.
West Japan Railway Co. has decided to conduct a survey of its nonclerical workers, including drivers, on whether they feel they can communicate with supervisors, sources at the firm said Saturday. The move follows the fatal derailment in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, on April 25 in ... Akira Haraguchi, a former corporate employee from Mobara ... An explosion Saturday afternoon at the SPring 8 synchrotron radiation facility in Mikazuki, Hyogo Prefecture, slightly injured two researchers from China and France, police said. The cause of the explosion in one of the laboratories on the SPring 8 premises was not immediately known.

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